Massage is NOT a monologue… it is a conversation!

Make your team go from GOOD to GREAT, amplify their skill & rapport, increase guest satisfaction & referrals, and boost the average spend per client:

  • Refresher module in anatomy, physiology & energy
  • Original & highly efficient manual techniques
  • Sensorial variations to create more intensity during each massage session
  • Fluidity in movement with great body mechanics that prevent Stress Repetitive Injuries
  • Nurturing exercises to grow the team’s stamina and give more effects, with less efforts.



Heavenly Relaxing, Deep Tissue 3D (Deep – DEEPER & delight), Reflexology, Slimming, Detox Flush, Maternity,

Lomilomi, Pijat Bali, Abhyanga, Kansu, Cambodian, Korean relaxation, Amma (chair), Tui Na, Chi Nei Tsang…

(3 levels: Initiation / Intermediate / advanced)

  • On-site training, followed by online coaching sessions with the Lead Therapist.
  • Options: DVD tutorials, bespoke music compilations