Training in DEEP TISSUE 3-D

Presentation of the DEEP TISSUE 3-D (deep DEEPER delight)


The most-demanded massage by international clients seeking deep pressure release.

Based on the techniques of the Swedish Massage, this method has two main objectives :

  • induce a myofacial release in the muscles fibers including Trigger Points ;
  • prevent Stress Repetitive Injuries (SRI) in the joints and muscles of spa therapists by giving her a rich protocol to give a generous session, with variations in power, speed and intensity, without getting drained out or hurting oneself.

active in sports or very stressed, physically or nervously.

  • relieves tension
  • helps reduce stiffness and muscle soreness
  • relaxes body and mind
  • improves breathing, blood and lymph circulation

Not recommended in the event of :

  • infections, fever, vomiting
  • bone fractures, arthritis, phlebitis
  • acute abdominal pain
  • circulatory problems
  • heart disease
  • open wounds, infectious skin conditions
  • progressive diseases such as cancer
  • pregnancy
Techniques used in DEEP TISSUE 3-D (deep DEEPER delight)
  • Deep effleurage
  • Deep petrissage
  • Friction
  • Smoothing
  • Pressure points on energy meridians & trigger points
Product recommendation

Ideally warm arnica & menthol oil or arnica massage cream (WELEDA)

Length and Frequency

50 (Full) to 80min (VIP), once or twice a week

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